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Jamie Price specializes in macro, portrait, pet portrait, and product photography. He is based in Leicestershire and takes lots of photos in his own home.

He can make the scariest spiders look so astonishing that the viewer forgets to be afraid. But he doesn’t just capture living creatures. You can also find small objects, fruits, flowers, or seeds among his macro images.

Specialist photographer Jamie Price creates exclusive image gallery for London Zoo’s new Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians



Getting closer to wildlife 🐍🐸

Home to 33 species - from jewel-coloured geckos to turtles with heads so big they cannot fit in their shells - this Easter the Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians will introduce some the planet’s most fascinating yet threatened species.

We’ve created an exclusive gallery of photos by @doogle1976 featuring a close-up glimpse of animals at a Secret Life, from a steely-eyed king cobra to a perfectly camouflaged mossy frog.


A panther chameleon, native to Madagascar, is perched on a branch at the London Zoo, where a new Secret Life of Reptiles and Amphibians section is under construction. From March 29, visitors can expect to see salamanders, crocodiles and the world’s largest aquatic frog



Rare images of 'camera shy' reptiles and amphibians snapped by London Zoo photographer



London Zoo: Sneak peek at fabulous frogs and stunning snakes as new reptile exhibit prepares for grand opening

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